office cleaning services

Our regular office and janitorial services includes:


 Vacuum. All carpeted areas.

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 Restrooms cleaning and sanitizing

Clean and sanitize all bowls and sinks, contact areas and all bright work. Polish mirrors and all bright work. Restock supplies as needed.
Sweep and mop floors with neutral disinfectant

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 Trash pick up and disposal

Collect all trash and replace liners and deposit in designated areas

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 Entrances cleaning

Entrances are a critical part of your business.Should be spotless.We clean doors and door frames sweep mop or vacuum whatever the case may be

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 Conference rooms

Just like entrances, Conference rooms should be found organized and clean first thing in the morning. Vacuumed dusted and chairs lined up

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We clean under microwaves and toasters as well as inside, clean cabinet doors, sinks, sweep floors and mop them, organize chairs and tables and clean them whatever the case may be

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We dust or wet wipe desk tops that are clear of papers, as well as all auxiliary areas and tables as credenzas, file cabinets, window sills, picture frames

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 Floor sweep and disinfect mop

Floors maintenance starting with sweep and neutral mop as well as regular strip and wax is our specialty